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The German Government donated an amount of Euro 15 Million to the Yemeni Government for financing the Water Crisis Program / Yemen (WCPY). The program started in 2012 with the main objective to sustain the population’s access to drinking water, by supplying 29 LCs and NWSA branches with spare parts, replacements and technical consumables (diesel generators, water supply and submersible borehole pumps, sewage pumps and various other mechanical, electrical and hydraulic equipment, etc.) which are indispensable for the operation of facilities. The continuation of the WCPY through M&M Service Contracts is meant to monitor and document the performance of the delivered goods in order to ensure the long-term viability of the program measures and gradually improve the utilities’ operation capabilities. The M&M services are provided by selected qualified local firms (authorized agents of international suppliers) which comprise external assistance to the utilities for the consecutive monitoring and maintaining (as required) of the procured and installed systems for an initial contract period of one year.

For maintenance technician:

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The Water Crisis Program Yemen (WCPY) utilizes this MMC functionaity to manage and control maintenance activities for water supply devices in Yemen. Maintenance data are stored in a relational database for easy access.